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Over weight is a major problem. More so for older women. When a woman reaches the age of 40, she undergoes some major changes. Most women go in to menopause at that age. With menopause comes hormonal imbalance which in turn causes many problems on them. One of them is gaining weight.

Weight gain is a major problem in itself. If you add the various diseases it can lead to, you will have a severe problem at hand. Over weight paves the path for severe diseases like diabetes, heart attack, bone and joint pain, cholelithiasis or gall stones, stroke, effort intolerance etc. So, reducing weight becomes a necessity. Reducing weight is not enough, the extra weight has to be kept in the distance. A good and very carefully planned weight loss program can help a lot.

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Follow Weight Loss Program

The major trouble after weight loss is gaining it back. In most cases this is the norm. But it does not have to be. By adding the following methods in your weight loss program can help you in doing so:

  1. The first tip is to keep on going. If you achieve your goal and lose weight but unfortunately it comes back, then keep on going at full force. If needs be, then adopt a new weight loss program. Keep doing it until the reduced weight becomes permanent.
  2. Stick to a definite food variety. According to studies, people who eat diverse variety of food, tend to eat more and it makes their weight loss program a failure. So, include a small variety of foods in your menu. The best strategy would be to find you which low carbs and low fat diet you like and eat it over and over aging.
  3. Commit to the cause wholeheartedly. Make it your mission. Eating right gets the job half done. The other half has to be done by doing exercise. There has to be a change in the life style no matter what it demands. Other wise, the fat will return and all your hard work will be for nothing.
  4. Spend less time doing nothing or in front of TV. Spending much of the leisure period doing nothing is the main reason why most elderly people in America is fat. Studies say that spending even a minute above the limit of per hours per week in front of TV is wasting your time.

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    Reason of over weight

  5. Never miss breakfast and never take a diet break. Eating a healthy and well planned breakfast is the key to stimulate your satiety center and keep hunger away from you for the remainder of the day. Also deviating from the diet plan even for a weekend is enough to destroy all of your efforts.
  6. Daily exercise is extremely useful. Simply walking for sixty minutes each day or swimming, biking even dancing can work wonders for you.
  7. Make a diet chart. This chart will help you in tacking how much you have lost in the last weeks. This way you can see the results of your efforts with you one eyes and often is makes the whole process much easier.