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Eating healthy is a great way to start losing weight. But in order to accelerate it and get the best possible result is by doing regular exercise. There are three components of any successful weight loss program. One is optimal nutrition which is achieved by eating healthy food. The second one is the strength training with weights and finally intelligent cardio. To successfully loose weight a balanced combination of all three is essential.

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2 Components of any successful weight loss program

The first thing to remember is that, exercise has to be done regularity to be effective. You need to commit yourself to it. An integral part of exercise is diet. You need to eat the right foods in addition to doing the exercises. There are a few basic principles that has to be present in your food habit:

  1. Eat only when are hungry, not when you are full.
  2. Each meal or snack has to have a fruit, a solid protein and a vegetable.
  3. Instead of three big meals, go for five or six small ones.
  4. Stop eating when there is still some space in your stomach
  5. Drink plenty of fluid to stay dehydrated.
  6. Loose the sugar containing food from your menu. This includes – desserts, Sugar cereals, pastries, soda.
  7. Also discard processed foods. They contain high amount of calories, chemicals and carbs.
  8. Go easy and slow. Rapid weight loss is never good for your system.

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    Mix healthy foods

Now comes the part where you need to put yourself out there and take on exercise. Weight exercise for women has become very popular in the recent year. Now, a lot of women visit gyms to do weight work outs. However, still there are many myths regarding weight training in women. Still now many think that strength training will cause the woman to become more like a body builder and loose her femininity. But all of them are false. Women does not have testosterone in enough concentration to become one.

When it comes to losing weight, no singular exercise can be enough. Strength training with weights are very good for developing lean muscles. It involves a lot of pushing, pulling, rotating that works on the compound joints like hips, knees and shoulders. It also increases the metabolic rate of the body, burning the fat in an accelerated way.

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Strength training programs

Cardio vascular exercise needs to be done in a gradual manner. An extreme cardio exercise is never a good way to go about. To increase the cardio vascular status, the best place to start is walking. At first there should be simple walking for thirty minutes or so. And as the time passes walking can be replaced with jogging and eventually walking. In order to work with instruments, stationary bikes or treadmills can be a smart choice.

Exercise is absolutely mandatory to loose weight and keep the fat away. But it does not always need to be an extreme one. The best way to loose weight safely is by combining healthy eating and a smart exercise plan. Do to much, your health will deteriorate. Do less, you will not get the result you expect.