Best Food for Women of Different Ages (1)

Eating healthy is essential for growing up the right way. It helps in bone building and to keep in healthy. At the same time, different diet at different times are necessary for various reasons. Calcium rich food is very much needed in the early 20’s, Soy based food in the menopause. There are a variety of diets available there. Most women want to follow the best diet for their health. But rarely they get that right. To keep in good health and be free of diseases, you need to know what you are eating.


Some rich foods

Diet plans vary depending on the age. A woman of twenty years old needs nutrient that forty years old do not. Thus, knowing what to eat at which age can be a determining factor in the diet plan.

Women in their twenty’s need to build bone mass. That’s the most important thing at that age. Because after this period there is a very slim chance of doing so. The required amount of calcium is 1000 micro grams per day for threat age. According to the official studies, most of the women get only half of that. The best source of bone building material aka calcium is soy milk or orange juice. It is also abundant in plain, non fat yogurt, fat free milk and cheddar cheese.

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Soy Protein in Soy Milk

Another important nutrient for this period is Folate. Most doctors say that it is safe to have the first child before the age of thirty. Folate helps in the development of the fetus. About seventy percent of all neural tube defects are caused by inadequate Folate intake. Natural sources like cereal, asparagus, peanuts, raw spinach etc are rich in Folate.

For the middle aged women (form thirty to fifty years), iron is the miracle nutrient. Most women in this age group are busy with their families and their carriers. They do not eat right and do not get the daily dietary requirement of 18mg iron. The best source of iron is animal protein. Other than that cereal, a cup of white beans, cooked spinach and chicken are also rich in iron.


1st class protein – animal protein

Another useful nutrient in this age is the omega-3 fatty acids. They decrease the chance of heart related diseases. Sea foods are the best source of omega-3 fatty acids. Shrimp, light tuna, flounder, halibut, salmon all are rich in them.

For the late forty’s, fiber is the most useful nutrient. If helps to eat less by filling fuller. During this age, the metabolism decreases and muscles began to waste. It also helps in fighting constipation which is a common problem during this age. Pear, raspberries, pasta, almonds and black beans all contain high amount of fiber.

Best Food for Women of Different Ages (3)

Pasta Salad

For the later periods of life, vitamin D is the best friend a woman can expect. Almost every women goes into menopause during this period. They help in strengthening the bones and preventing the occasional accidenat bone fracture. It also lowers the chances of cance and protects from depression. Another useful nutrient during this period is Vitamin B12. Vit D is found in abundance in light tuna, egg or juice. Vit B12 is available in supplement form. Also beef, cereal, yogurt and milk contain the nutrient.