Best foods for a Pregnant Women (1)
October 24, 2015

Best foods for a Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a blessing. The method of sustaining another life in the womb is always a joyous occasion. But the pregnancy period is also a very trying and dangerous period. It is important to eat right because the mother has the task of sustaining two bodies. As the development of a fetus happens in the womb of the mother, she needs the proper food for the appropriate growth and nourishment of her baby.

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Proper food for Pregnant Women

Women usually lose a lot of nutrients during the pregnancy. The main reason is the baby’s requirement. It needs a lot of nutrients for growing up the right way. So it is very important to replenish them. It can also dramatically reduce the chance of complications. Here are a few foods that can be considered as super food during pregnancy:

  1. Yogurt – Yogurt is a great source of calcium and protein. Both of them are absolutely necessary for the mother and the fetus. Yogurt can be eaten during any time of the day with any meal.

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  2. Walnuts and Almonds – They are reach in magnesium and also potassium. Magnesium decreases the blood pressure and potassium is very effective to prevent cardiac complications.
  3. Edamame – Edamame has soy derivative protein. Soy is the ideal choice for various reasons. They can be the main alternative to snack foods or even side dish to any meal.
  4. Mozzarella Cheese – They can fulfill the dairy requirements of the mother. They are rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients. Our body requires a daily consumption of protein as they are essential for muscle building and our body muscles get wasted each day.
  5. Whole Grains – A daily six to eight servings of whole grain is almost inevitable for each and every pregnant women except for those with diabetes related problems.
  6. Green Leafy Vegetable – they act as the best source for iron and folic acid. Iron is necessary for mother in order to produce blood. Folic acid is important to both the mother and the baby as it prevents various developmental anomalies like Spina bifida. Avocados are also reach in folic acid. Where as Broccoli contains vitamin A and calcium.

    Green Leafy Vegetable

    Green Leafy Vegetables

  7. Apples and Beans – Apples are considered as miracle fruits. Even the healthy and non pregnant women should have at least one apple a day. They are rich in Vitamin A and C which acts as anti – oxidants and decreases the free radical’s activities. It is also reach in various nutrients and minerals.

Beans can act as an alternative source of protein to meat. Most vegetarians

receive their daily requirement of protein through beans. Lentils, pinto beans and garbanzo beans are the most popular and good to eat. If the mother is a vegetarian, her diet should contain a good amount of beans.

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Eating right is a very important part of the pregnancy. Most of the pregnant women suffer from malnutrition and as a result complications arise. When a pregnant woman goes to a doctor for the first visit, she should also ask about her diet.