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Gaining weight is a health hazard. Additional weight brings additional diseases. Low back pain, joint pain, effort intolerance are a few examples. Excessive weight also increases the chance of cardiac problems, cerebro – vascular diseases, diabetes and many more. Women suffer more because of their physical disposition. Child birth, menopause etc conditions are exclusive to women and after these conditions, it is very natural to gain weight.

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Additional weight causes many severe diseases. So lose weight, reduce the risk of developing diabetes, to lower cholesterol and to prevent premature death, loosing additional weight is a must. One of the ways to loose weight for women is by eating the right food. A carefully planned diet makes the whole process much easier.

At first, we need to determine whether or not you are suffering from additional weight. The best way to do so is by measuring the waist circumference. The accepted waist circumference is below 80 centimeters or 31 inches for women. Women whose waist circumference is more than 36 inches has a 80 percent more chance of dying prematurely than those with a 28 inches.

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So if your waist measurement is above the mentioned level, you need to make measures to lose weight. Luckily, there are a few foods for women that are known to help in the quest of losing weight. These foods can be very easily found.

  1. Soy – Soy is often called a miracle food. Foods rich in soy protein can reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. It also decreases the cholesterol levels and ultimately helps you in keeping fit and losing weight. An additional 25 grams soy protein can reduce the chances of heart disease many folds.
  2. Green Tea – Green Tea is reach in antioxidants. Anti – oxidants can prevent cancers and green tea is known to decrease weight. Only three or four cups of green tea can do wonders for almost anyone. It also gives energy and increases metabolism.

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    Green Tea

  3. Sea fish oil – Oil from Sea fish like sardines, trout, salmon, mackerel and herring contain omega – 3 fatty acid. It reduces the chance of cardiac arrhythmia and lower LDL which is bad for health. It is also a great source of vitamin D. By lowering the LDL content and providing protein, it helps in loosing weight.
  4. Grains – Grains such as oat, barley and rye is also known to effectively low the cholesterol level of the body. They contain fiber in high amount. Fiber reduces the chance of constipation and helps in getting rid of the extra weight.
  5. Cinnamon – Another food that has high content of fiber is cinnamon. It also reduces blood sugar level and thus helps in lowering the chance of diabetes. The fiber in cinnamon lowers weight.

Loosing the extra weight is very important to keep in good health. People tend to take various measures to reduce weight. But the best way to actually reduce weight is via eating right and sensibly.