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September 23, 2015

Healthy Fitness foods for women

Fitness depends on food habit. Healthy foods mean healthy body and junk foods mean bad body. Eating right is at least fifty percent of being healthy. It also causes wight loss. Foods that keep someone fit, energetic and healthy is the food that everyone should eat. Women are different than men when it comes to nutritional requirements. They require some nutrients in higher amount than men.

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Nutritional Mix food

As they age, women become more prone to various diseases like osteoporosis and gall stone. But with proper diet and a fit body, the risk can be greatly reduced. There are a lot of foods that can help to keep a women fit. Similarly some foods are very harmful to the body. Eating the right kind and avoiding the wrong one is the key to maintaining a fit body.

The top fitness food fro women of all ages is Soy Protein. Vegetarians can use Soy as the primary source of protein in there food. Soy is found in many foods – tofu and soymilk are example. Whole grains be boiled in Soy. It can also be used in salads. There are a lot of advantages in using Soy. It keeps your heart strong and it’s function optimal. It also reduces LDL or the bad cholesterol. For women, it has an additional effect. It helps in balancing the hormones.

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Soy Protein in Soy Milk

Some diseases affects women more than the do men. One such disease is the UTI or urinary tract infection. It is due to the location of the urethra in the female body and the length and shape of the urethra. The best way to decrease the chances of urinary tract infection is by drinking Cranberry Juice. The fruit also has beneficial effects on the heart.

Green leafy vegetables are good for both men and women of all ages. But for women, it brings some extra benefits. Green leafy vegetables include spinach, lettuce etc. They are rich in fiber content and also have many vital nutrients. The fiber rich vegetables make sure that, all the toxins are washed away from the body and helps in losing extra weight. Fibers are also known as capable in lowering cholesterol.

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Spice green leafy vegetables

Another healthy food for women would be Nuts. They are full of calcium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin C and many other nutrients. The protein content of Nuts is high and as a result, they provide a lot of energy. Like Soy and Cranberry, they are also very much heart friendly. But they also have a draw back. They produce calories in a great amount. Unused or unburned calories turn into fat.

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Nutrition in all types of NUTS

Finally – the Calcium containing foods. Dark leafy vegetables, dairy products etc contain Calcium. Calcium is needed to keep the bones strong. Specially those women who are passed their menstruating age, are at a great risk of weakened bones. Calcium can prevent that and make the bones stronger.

Eating fitness friendly diet is very important for women of all ages. It makes them look and feel good. But more importantly, it makes them healthy.