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Addiction of any kind is a heart breaking condition that affects the friends and family of the addict as it affects the addict himself. It causes tension between relationships, destroys professional reputation and decimates families. It causes a tension in all who wants nothing but the best for the addict. Luckily there are many rehab centers that work on the addictions and helps addicts in over coming them. But the first step of any kind of addiction recovery starts well before the rehab center. It starts with the addict himself. It starts when the addict becomes ready to identify his addiction as a problem.

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Addiction has become so common that teens and adults, both are now widely suffering from it. The reason behind this can vary. For teens and young adults it is mostly due to peer pressure. They feel that taking drugs will make them the part of a special community. Adults on the other hand, turn to drugs and alcohol simply because they need a relieve from the stress and hide their problems somewhere.

If the first step is identifying the problem, then the second step is to have a strong will to overcome it. It is a long process that takes a lot of time and effort. The temptation to go back is always there. Some say that the best way to do so is quitting once and for all. But not all kind of addiction is without repercussion. In some cases, the withdrawal symptoms kick in and the body refuses to go about without the drug. This cases demand extra attention and professional help.

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Now a days, the drug addiction problem and the way to fight it has generated scientific interest. Now, various techniques like brain imaging is being used to identify how a specific drug work and which areas of the brain it stimulates when the drug is taken. Once this has been established, treatment is also made depending on the data. It can be medications or psychotherapy or rehab centers. As the medical science has improved over the years, we now have more weapons in our hands to fight addiction than what we had ten years ago.

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Detoxification is the next step in addiction treatment. It is also the hardest part. The withdrawal symptoms can be and usually is debilitating. But this process is very much essential as without this, the harmful substances will remain in the body. Without a successful detoxifying process, the addict is more likely to relapse.

Next comes the process of rehabilitation. In rehab centers various things are taught. Here an addict can learn about coping techniques, to they can handle the temptation and can get help if their is any psychological factors. In rehab, addicts participate in group therapies as well as one – on – one sessions.

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Finally comes the process of aftercare. Aftercare is as important as any other part of the process. Chances of relapse is often very high and aftercare takes care of it. The most advised way is to be a part of a group therapy as well as periodic visit for personal therapy.