How to take care of your face (1)
November 29, 2015

How to take care of your face

Skin is a very important part of the body. Most of it is delicate and needs special attention. But the face is where it all matters. The skin of the face is extremely delicate. It is evidenced by the dark circles around the eyes after a few days of less sleep. Face care or care of the skin of the face has been a major concern among both working women and house wife as well as the young generation. There are various products that claim to keep the skin healthy and rejuvenated. But not all of them do what they claim to do.

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keep the skin healthy

Now we live in a fast paced world. It demands a lot of our efforts and often at the end of the day we feel spent. It zaps energy from us and as a result, tells upon the health of your skin. It leaves the skin tired, haggard and gray. There are skin care products, but not of them work well and almost all of them are expansive and costly. So, there has always been the need of skin care products that can be made using the simple ingredients available in the home. Luckily they are very efficient and works extremely well with almost every kind of skin.

The first area of the face that gets affected by the every day turmoil is the area around the eyes. The are easily affected by all the pollution and the effect shows. To rest the tired eyes and return them to their fully functional state, just place a sliced cucumber of each eye after closing them. Lay back and let them stay that way for 30 minutes.

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use slices of cucumber

Second in the list is the Facial Steam. It releases the oils from various pores of the skin and removes the debris from the skin. To do so, first take a bowl and fill it with slightly hot water. If you have oils like lavender and peppermint or rose oil, add a few drops of the product in to the bowl. If not, then simple boiling water will be sufficient. Keep you head about twenty centimeters from the bowl and place a towel over your head. Hold the position for five minutes and you are done.

Another way to rejuvenate your skin is using face lifts. You can easily make the paste by mixing one table spoon full of ripe and mashed avocado with one table spoon full of honey. Also add three or four drops of cider vinegar and sesame oil. Apply this paste to your skin and let it do its magic for ten to twenty minutes. Then wash off with warm water.

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Using the paste for face care

Finally you can use fresh aloe vera gel or vitamin E oil to make your face look healthy and fresh. Only twenty minutes is enough for the effects to show.

The face is perhaps the most important part of our body. It is also the most delicate. Without proper skin care, it may not retain it’s features and may appear to be aging.