How to take care of your skin (1)
December 17, 2015

How to take care of your skin

Skin is the largest organ of the body. Skin care is thus, one of the most advertised and most common type of care there is. People need to take care of their skin for not only aesthetic reasons, but also for general well being. Once there has been skin damage, it is very difficult to recover from there. But prevention of skin related problem is easy and almost any one can do it.

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Perfect skin care

People tend to take care of their skin for aesthetic reason. It is possible to look younger than 50 when you are actually well above 50 if you take good care of your skin. Here are a few tips that can help you in doing so:

  1. Most women like to use makeup. It makes them look good and make them feel good. But over using make up can be a very bad thing. It can damage the skin of the face. Also, letting make up stay for long periods of time also damages the skin. Care should be taken to remove the makeup as early as possible.
  2. As like the care of any other parts of the body, skin care also involves healthy eating. For fresh and healthy skin the right diet consisting right amount and variety of vitamins, minerals and proteins is a must along with drinking plenty of water. A minimum amount of eight glasses of water per day is a recommended amount.
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Why need to care of skin

  1. Bad habits like smoking and drinking can and will cause much damage to the skin. They affect the skin texture, skin health and skin tone. Smoking hampers the formation of collagen in our body. Collagen is an essential protein for keeping the skin healthy.
  2. Sleep and sleep cycle is as important for skin as a good diet. Without enough sound sleep, the freshness of the skin diminishes. The skin becomes dull and dark circles began to appear around the eyes.
  3. Try and avoid commercial products as much as you can. It is always better to go for natural and organic products. Products that contain vitamins A, E and C are very good for skin. Luckily the skin care business is a highly competitive one and companies try their best to provide the customers with amazing products.

People with oily skin usually look for skin care products more that any other. Because oily skin tends to accumulate dirt and pollutant under the skin. So they need to be extra careful. Here are a few tips on how they can keep their skin healthy:

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Skin care product

Cleaning the skin two or three times a day is a very good start. Each type of skin is best suited for a specific kind of cleanser. Using the one that suits your skin and washing the face is best. One such cleanser is Milk which is good for oily skin. Then applying a toner on the more oily areas of the skin is a good way to go about. Finally using moisturizer to keep the skin fresh will take care of most of the problems.