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December 12, 2015

Natural Fairness Products

Most consider fair skin a blessing and rightfully so. But being born with a fair skin is something that the luck decides. Luckily there are many ways to make the skin fair. Most of them involve using chemicals and stuff which i not applied with care may very well have the opposite effect. There are also many home made remedies and ingredients that can bless you with a fair and lively skin.

There are many natural products that can keep the skin in good health and make them fair. The trick lies with the way they are used and the way they are prepared. By following the correct procedure, you can have an amazing fairness product in your hand that works exceptionally well and has virtually no side effects.

  • Ubtan:
    The first ingredient in the list is called – Ubtan. Ubtan is a proven way to get fair skin. This has been used since ancient times and is still being used with exceptional result. They only trouble with Ubtan is that it has to be used daily and for a certain period of time to be effective. Experts say that Ubtan has to be used for as long as six months to get the desired effect. Ubtan is readily available in the market. In India, you can find it in almost every big stores. But you can also make it at home.

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    Number one natural fairness product

To make Ubtan at home, you will need: 1 tablespoon almond paste, 1 and 1/2 teaspoons pistachio paste, 1 tablespoon cashew paste, 1 tablespoon malai, 1 tablespoon rose water, 1 tablespoon wheat germ oil, 1/4 cup red lentil paste and to thicken the product chickpea flower. Then you need to grind all of these products using a blender. When the paste is prepared, simply massage it in your face. The upward motion works best and let it dry. Finally rinse the face with cold water.

  • Haldi (turmeric), besan and cream:
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Increase your fairness by haldi

This combination is well known throughout the world. It is known to endow it’s user with glowing and youthful skin. Most bride – to – be is given a body massage using them. The haldi in the mixture helps in lightening the skin tone. The Besan removes facial fair and cream provides the much needed moisture.

To make this mixture, you need to take two spoonful of besan at first. Add a pinch of haldi as well as a spoonful of milk cream. You can also but a drop of honey and rosewater. Just like Ubtan, massage it in a upward motion and after a few minutes, rinse with cold water.

  • Papaya:
    Papaya is good for skin care and skin repair. It helps in removing and treating dead cells, dandruff and some nasty skin disorders. It also prevents premature aging.

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    Most effective natural fairness item – Papaya

To get the maximum efficacy from papaya, you need to cut them into cubes and then grind them in to pulp. This pulp is what you must apply to your face and after ten minutes or so, clean it with cold water.

Other natural fairness products include – Tomatoes, Potatoes etc. Women who has any kind of allergic reaction with any of these ingredients, should refrain from using them.