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Eating habit is a very important factor in both weight gain and weight loss. Fat burning foods can contribute to fitness, weight loss and appearance. Luckily there are some foods that can enhance the fat burning process. Combining them with strength exercises and cardiovascular training can yield an amazing response.

After the age of forty, most women under go major changes in the body. They tend to gain weight and become fatty. This may give rise to a good many number of diseases including heart related problems. The trouble with the age is, even if they work hard and lose significant amount of weight, the tend to gain it back after a few days. That is why thermogenic foods or fat burning foods have become so popular.

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Fat burning food chart

The main reason behind their success is due to the fact that, consuming these foods causes more energy expenditure than what consuming them would produce. The body’s main unit of energy is calorie. When the calorie uptake is more than the calorie expenditure, the excess calorie gets stored as fat. Thermogenic foods produces less calorie to save. Some of these fat burning foods include:

Salmon: Salmon is known to lower the levels of a hormone in the body. This hormone is called Leptin. Leptin’s task is to store fat. When some one consumes salmon, the anti Liptins of Liptin – inhibitors tell his body that there is no need to store excess fat, thus lowering fat storage.

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Salmon fish for fat burn

Oatmeal: Oatmeal has always been considered as a wonder food. It fills a person up, stimulating the satiety center and reduces his urge to eat. But it does not cause an increase level in the body. A high insulin level means that the body will store fat and low insulin level tells the body to convert fat into energy. A breakfast with oatmeal can increase the fat burning process by ten percent at the minimum.

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Fruits and Vegetables: Most vegetables contains high amount of fibers. Fibers are difficult to digest. The truth is, our body can never digest fiber completely. It reduces the chances of constipation and promotes bowel health. This way it has two effects on older women. One is it helps in reducing weight by increasing the volume of stool. And the other is it helps to prevent diseases. Fruits are also reach in vitamins and minerals like Zinc, calcium and magnesium which helps to increase the blood volume and the bone density.

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Some Fruits and Vegetables

Lean beef: Lean beef is high in protein but low in calorie. Lean beef is hard for the body to digest as it produces less calorie than what is required to digest them. As an indirect effect, it significantly lowers the weight by increasing the conversion of fat in to energy.

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Low calorie food

Olive Oil: Olive oil is a fatty acid that promotes protein synthesis. It also lowers the cholesterol and burns fat in huge amount during digestion. So, using olive oil instead of vegetable or palm oil is very good for health and weight loss.