Some Special Women Health Care (1)
October 11, 2015

Some Special Women Health Care

Women health care has become a burning question in today’s world. It has become the focus of both developing and developed country’s over all health care system. Women play a very vital role in our society. Now a days, they take part in almost every aspect of the social engine. Previously they were only the home maker. But now, they are the decision maker in both home and in society.

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Women play a very vital role in our society

The type of diseases in the developing, developed and undeveloped countries differ. In case of underdeveloped countries, the main threats to women health are malnutrition, frequent child birth and STD’s. Malnutrition is due to the idea that, spending on women will yield no monetary gain as after marriage they go to their in laws house. STD’s and frequent child birth can be attributed to the low socio – economic condition. To improve the over all health care in those countries, an improvement in the literacy status and increasing the overall awareness in a must.

In case of developing countries, malnutrition is also the main cause of distress. But that is due to the fact that, in these countries the general population are not aware about the ideal eating habits and the ideal and scientific way to lead life. A increase in the awareness among the population is also helpful here.

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One of the most problem on women – Malnutrition

In developed countries, the main reason of distress would undoubtedly be stress. Women in those countries take part in almost every kind of activities. As a result, stress becomes an inevitable factor. Stress has lots of dangerous effects on the body. It puts the body and mind in a state of numbness. It makes the body so numb that each and every bad effect of stress is felt at the very last moment. Stress is some times necessary to perform well in life, but when it goes out of control – it becomes more harmful than beneficial.

Another main threat to women in developing countries is heart disease. Chest pain and heart related complications have become very common in women. There are various reasons behind it. Stress, unhealthy eating habit, menopause and many others. Heart disease is very fatal and it causes almost instant death. So, women all over the world need to take precautions against it.

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Major problem in human body “Chest pain and heart disease”

Diabetes has become a very common disease and is spreading wildly. It affects both men and women. But women are more at risk largely due to the sedentary life style and stress. There are both modifiable and non – modifiable factors responsible of diabetes. Modifiable factors act as a guide line against the disease. By ensuring that these factor are absent in the life style, women can save themselves from it.

Women are integral part in our society. They are called the – nurturers. But the question remains, who nurtures the nurturers? That is why women health care is so important. Each and every women should look after themselves as much as the look after their family.