How to take Care of Your Lips (1)
December 16, 2015

How to take Care of Your Lips

A pair of wonderful lips can turn the face in to a dazzling, beautiful one. Some consider lips to be the best features of a face. So, getting a dazzling pair of lips is every woman’s dream. The trouble is, lips do not have any oil glands. Naturally, they do not have the extra protection against the weather of the summer and the winter season. They tend to get dry and cracked very easily.

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Take care of lips yourself

There are many causes that can harm the lips. Some are due to the weather and some are due to eating habits and personal habits. Dry and cracked lips are the major problems regarding the lips. The various causes of such problems include:

  • Over exposure to sunlight.
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Lack of vitamin A, B and C
  • Less consumption of water.
  • Deficiency of riboflavin or Vitamin B2.
  • Using Expired and allergic cosmetic products.
  • Any kind of skin related disorder.
  • Weather changes

These are only a few causes of lip disorders. These causes are more common in women who works in stressful conditions and rarely gets the opportunity to look after themselves. But almost all of the above mentioned causes are easily modifiable and thus lip disorders are very easy to avoid.

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Always take extra care of your lips

Once a woman is affected with lip disorders, she comes face to face with a range of symptoms that are both painful and embarrassing. These includes –

  • Dry Lips
  • Pain in one or both lips due to dryness.
  • Bleeding from one or both lips in extreme conditions.
  • A permanent reddish coloration of the lips.

To avoid these symptoms and to take care of your lips, you have to lead a healthy life style and avoid irritant that may cause these problems. There are a few steps that can be extremely beneficial in keeping your lips healthy:

  1. Excess consumption of Alcohol or excess smoking as well as excess drinking of tea or coffee always tells up on the lips. If you have any of these bad habits, it is time to get rid of it or at least cut it down considerably.
  2. Use olive oil or almond oil daily to massage you lips. As lips are devoid of oil glands, these oils will serve the protective function.

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    Lips make life smile

  3. Applying butter or cream each night before going to bed is also beneficial. They will help in keeping the lips soft.
  4. If your lips become dry and cracks, there will be dry flakes. Pulling them from the lips is never a good idea. Instead making a paste of sugar in olive oil and allying that on the lips will prove to be beneficial. It will remove the dead and dry skin and have exfoliating effect.
  5. Drinking water in sufficient amount and taking Vitamin E supplementations will help in keeping the Lips healthy and soft.
  6. Honey is a natural moisturizer. It can keep the lips soft. Another useful ingredient is lemon juice. It removes the darkness of the lips.