Tips for increasing the strength of women

Upper body strength is as much important for men as it is for women. It has many benefits. Apart from the obvious one of being more powerful, it also has many health related benefits. Some women think that by focusing on the muscle and strength, they may end looking muscular and loose the femininity, but that is not the case.

Before working on increasing the strength, it is very important to test the current strength. The best way to do so, is to do push ups. It it becomes troublesome, then doing so on toes or knees is also OK. The number of repetitions you can do is the key factor here.

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Tips for increasing the strength

The goal of any exercise regimen is to stretch your limits. If you are finding doing repetitions easy, then you are not doing it the right way. It also applies for weight lifting and other exercises. The number of repetitions needs to be increased in a slow yet gradual manner.

The best exercises to improve the strength and muscle of the body includes both free hand exercises and exercises with instrument. But both of this should be done in harmony. Best free hand exercises include squatting which focuses on your lower body, crunches which focuses on the abdominal muscles and push ups which focuses on both abdomen and upper body. Doing all of these exercises in a carefully planned way is very important.

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In order to achieve the maximum result, you have to stick to the exercise and the diet regimen. Also you need to avoid some common mistakes. The first one is very much common among those who frequent the gym. And that is using machines rather than free weight. While using machines makes the whole experience easier, it also causes some problem. As a result you may not get what you wanted from your exercise. The main trouble with machines is it does some things that your body was meant to do like stabilizing weights. So, what should have been done by your own body is now being done by a machine. And if you are unfortunate and end up with working the wrong machine, your muscle will form in an unplanned way.

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Group practice for increasing the strength

The second common mistake is not committing yourself hundred percent. Many are afraid that they would build muscles like a body builder. But in reality that is never possible. Women simply does not produce enough testosterone to do so. By simple weight lifting, a woman can never have as much muscle as a man. So, you need to commit yourself and go in completely.

The final mistake is to stick with longer but low intensity activities. Women are by nature, drawn to low intensity work out. They prefer jogging and aerobics. They are easy and fun, but can not burn enough fat and calories. For that you need to perform high intensity exercise.

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Smart women’s Fitness and strength

Fitness and strength is equally important for both men and women. To perform at the optimum level, having a fit body is essential.