Tips for Women to keep Fit Body (1)
October 11, 2015

Tips for Women to keep Fit Body

Fitness means the soundness of a body. It’s ability to perform at the optimal level. Fitness important for both men and women. Luckily, in order to be fit, one does not need to be the member of a gym or do strenuous exercises. Home work out alone is enough to keep you in a good shape and to keep you fit. Granted, gyms and fitness centers are highly professional and as such, can help greatly. But they are very demanding and often people quit half way as they fail to keep up.

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Keep fit your body

There are a few easy tips to maximize the home work out plan for anyone. The first thing to remember is to set a goal – the goal that you want to achieve. A workout schedule is a must. You must create one by yourself and always stick to it. Many people, while organizing a work out schedule forget about the rest days. But, this should not be forgotten as it is very important.

Another thing to remember is the muscle group. It is advised to work no more than three muscle groups in each day. Some advise using music to make the work out more enjoyable. But that depends completely on you.

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Resistance exercise such as weight training

Once the planing is done with, the exercise proper begins. Home work outs utilizes the equipments around the house. Like benches, stairs, walls, chairs etc. Even these household equipments can greatly help in planning and executing the home work out plans.

The most commonly used exercises are squats, crunches, stretching, push ups and lunges. Each on of them works on different muscle groups and plays a vital role in strengthening them. Squatting targets muscle groups like quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles. So, squatting is very good for in creasing lower body strengths. But doing them properly is the key.

A young Lady stretching before exercise

A young Lady stretching before exercise

Push ups on the other hand works on upper body muscle groups. There are various ways of performing push ups. Each variety work on different muscles of the upper body. But in a nut shell, it strengthens the upper body and trims the hand muscles.

Lunges, like squatting affects the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteals. But the added benefit of doing lunges is that is increases the balance. So, adding it in the daily work out plan is very very useful.

Crunches work on abdominal muscles and makes them strong. It removes the extra layer of fat in the abdomen and causes the belly area to look shapely and devoid of extra fat.

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Home workout – Jogging is one form of aerobic exercise

Home workout is a great way to keep in fit without spending money of gyms, gears and trainers. It can help greatly in collaboration with a healthy diet plan and make the body look good. The best thing about home workout is that you can design or organize it according to your own choice. You do not need to make time for exercise as it allows you to perform exercise in your own time. Home work outs can do wonders for any one if they are planned correctly and executed accordingly.