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Health is wealth – the proverb is true for men and women alike. Good health is the greatest gift any one can have. But in order to be in a good health, exercise is mandatory. Without exercise building muscle and maintaining them is impossible. As a result, there have been many training and exercise regimens in over the years. Most of them are directed towards men.

Tips on building muscles for women (2)

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A lot of women want to be is a good shape but are afraid of weight bearing exercises. Some consider that building muscles many give them a masculine appearance. But that is not the case. Because the way women develop muscle is completely different than the way men does. Also, no exercise regimen is enough to make a person appear muscular. Exercise has a lot of advantages that no other activity can provide.

Women usually suffer from weak bones. Constitutionally, the bones women have is less stronger than men. Exercise can change that. It can and it will make the bones stronger and less prone to accidental fracture even in the older days. Another benefit that women may have is the burning away of extra calories. It also includes a change in the food habit, so women who performs exercise eat healthy.

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Muscle building exercises are not easy. It takes time and dedication. But if it is performed correctly, the result will astonish any one. The start can be at home. There are plenty of exercise that a woman can perform at home in order to reduce fat and build muscles. However, in order to get maximum result, some gym exercise is also needed. There are three main exercise that can be used to build muscles for women. These three main exercises are – squatting, deadlift and bench pressing. These three extremely efficient exercises help in building strength, bulkiness and condition.

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Deadlift – Showing muscle building exercises

Every one should with a regimen that requires the follower to take part in exercise at least three times a week. This is necessary to build core strength. Three times a week is the minimum but beginners can start with twice a week. Once you can handle the load, you can even go up to five times a week which should be maximum.

Building muscle is good, but in order to do that safely and effectively, building a strong cardio-vascular system is necessary. Walking, riding a bike, running, swimming etc are all good and easy exercises that can improve your cardio – vascular status. Mixing cardio and strength training is a very good idea but both should be done in harmony.

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Add Jogging to Your Walk

Finally, the last yet perhaps the most important part of the whole regimen – diet. Healthy food always brings about healthy body. Consuming junk food is a big NO if you want to build muscles. Your muscle will be build accordingly. Protein is very important as it is the food that build muscle. According to some, consuming protein before and after the exercise is very helpful. But that should be done with caution. In the hour before staring the exercise program, a minimum of ten grams of protein and a maximum of twenty grams of protein is advisable