Unexpected Hair loss problem in Women (1)

Hair loss creates a panicky situation for almost every one. Without hair, all almost all is lost. But the treatment of hair loss is also very time consuming and often costly. Further more, it seldom yields good results. But on the other hand a well groomed hair is considered as a reflection of self worth and a booster of confidence. So, hair loss can be emotionally devastating.

Unexpected Hair loss problem in Women (2)

Effect of hair loss

Hair loss usually occurs in two ways. One is the dramatic loss where the rate of hair fall is beyond normal and the other is the gradual loss where the rate is normal but the duration is not. The rapid kind calls for immediate medical attention and a check up by a doctor or at least a hair specialist.

Depending on the type of hair loss, some home made remedies are known to have beneficial effects. Some of them are medicinal in nature. Some remedies act more as a life style modifier than medicinal.

Almost all of our body disorders can be some what treated with a healthy diet plan. Hair loss is no different. Eating nutritious foods with a lot of protein is a good start. It provides the scalp with extra protein. Then Stress becomes the major issue. Stress has a direct effect on hair loss. Reducing stress has two beneficial effects. One is that is reduces the rate of hair loss and it also reduces the stress that comes with hair loss. By keeping calm and cool, any kind of hair loss can be delt with effectively.

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Hair loss treatment with a healthy diet plan

Apart from protein, another good way to prevent hair loss via diet is adding plenty of iron to your diet. Iron is one of the key minerals that can promote hair health and increase the growth of hair. Iron containing food is very common. There are also many supplementation’s that provide iron. Foods like cheese, nuts, fish and seeds are rich in both protein and iron. Adding them to your diet plan can enhance the hair growth.

Another common and well used home remedy to prevent hair loss is Green tea. Green tea is good for a lot of things. They contain huge amount of anti oxidants. These anti oxidants has beneficial effect on not only your scalp, but also to every major organs of the body. Pouring cold Green tea over the scalp is also known to yield good results. It inhibits the loose hair strands to fall out.

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Prevent hair loss is Green tea

Hair loss for man is often considered as a very normal occurrence. As men age, the loose hair – this have become a widely accepted fact. But for women, the story is some what different. Women also suffer from balding or hair loss, but for them this is not considered as normal. Baldness in women is never well received by masses. It is taken negatively by the society and causes low self esteem and low self confidence in women. Luckily, treatment of baldness specially is case of women has proven to be quite beneficial and have become affordable in the recent years.