Weight problem in teens and how to solve it  (1)

The young of our society is more health conscious than most of us. But unfortunately they are also more drawn to the ‘fast food culture.’ As a result, where some of them are in excellent shape, some are also suffering from over weight. They eat too much junk food but never exercise near as much. These junk food culture along with limited or no physical exercise is telling up on the young of our society.

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Main reason of overweight is junk food

Young are more prone to submitting to peer pressure. So, many of the teen females of the society feel like it is their duty to look slender. This is brought about by the teen magazines, television programs, movies, ads etc. All of them showcases young and slender people. Over weight kids often feel ashamed for how they look. But apart from the aesthetic reasons, looking slender and being in the normal weight range is very helpful in keeping fit.

Over weight teens often in their desperation and due to their lack of experience turns to unsafe pills and means. They also develop various kinds of eating disorders. Also due to their improper knowledge, many teens look at their reflection and think that they are fat where as in reality they are in perfect shape. So, it is very important to know about the weight range and how to be reduce weight in a safe way.

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Over weight teens often in their desperation

Slow and easy is the best way to reduce weight. Fast solution is possible but is not a good one. Reducing weight fast can give rise to various diseases and problems. Weight lost in this manner also has a tendency to come back. So, going slow and easy with a planned healthy diet is the key.

First every teen who wants to lose weight need to find out whether or not they are actually over weight or not. The most simple way to do so is by measuring the BMI. BMI or Body Mass Index is the best way to determine the wight status of an individual. It is determined by dividing the weight of an individual measured in Kilo grams with his height in meters squared. As an example, if a person’s height is 1.5 meters and weight is 50 kilo grams, then you need to at first calculate the squared value of the height (1.5)2 or 2.25. Then you need to divide the weight with this value. In this example, it would be – 50/2.25. The result (22.2 in this case) is your BMI.

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A person with an BMI in between the range of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered as a person with normal weight. If anyone’s weight is over this limit, then he or she is considered as overweight.

Those who have a BMI at or over 25, needs to take a long look in their diet. If it contains fast foods and sodas from cafeteria, mall or any other place, those has to be excluded. Eating enough vegetables and adding a daily exercise routine can help greatly.