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Over weight has become the most common health hazard in the recent years. Over weight in itself is a painful condition. Unfortunately it gives rise to other problems like stroke, heart attack, diabetes etc. With the growing awareness of the harmful effects of over weight, many are now trying to lose weight. In order to do this, they follow various diet charts and programs.

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Over weight is a painful condition

Creating such an chart is extremely useful. It is a great way to keep track of your diet. It can also act as a positive reinforcement as it enables you to track the progress you are making. If the scales tell you that you have lost 3 pounds by following the diet, you will become more encouraged to follow your diet plan completely.

Now tell us get a clear ideal about a diet chart and how the thing actually works. A diet chart is simple in nature. It records your weight at certain intervals. A ideal diet chart has places for the date, time and weight to be written. It can also include other associated things like, what kind of diet you are on and for how long etc. All diet charts on this basic formula.

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Standard diet chart

There are many benefits of a diet chart. It can show you your progress and tell you whether or not you are on the right path. It is the easiest way to track your weight and if necessary, make appropriate changes in your diet.

BMI or Body Mass Index can be another valuable addition in any diet chart. It helps you to find out your ideal weight and the weight range you should be in. BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate is also an important addition. It can tell you the amount of calories your body needs each day and you can plan your diet accordingly.

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Plan your diet chart

Diet chart is specially useful to women who want to loose weight. It helps them to keep a track on their eating habit. The women usually find it very difficult to lose weight. That is due to the constant changing of hormones in their body. A diet chart can help them in identifying the foods that are causing them to gain weight.

The ideal amount of calorie for a women is 1900. So the diet should be planned accordingly with 50 – 60 % carbs, 10 % proteins and 30 – 40 % fats. As a result they can avoid foods high in cards, high in oil, high in saturated fats and those that have a high amount of trans fat.

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Your ideal amount of calorie

A diet chart can be a great weapon in the fight against weight gain. It can indicate the proper methods to to take and the proper food to it. They are very helpful for women as most women find it easy to gain weight but tough to lose it. A diet chart can tell them which food is making them to gain weight and they can easily refrain from eating them.