What not to eat during pregnancy (1)

Pregnancy is a very important time. Every step of it is important as any wrong move can cause harmful effect on the fetus. One of the most common question that every pregnant woman wants to know is what to eat and What not to eat during pregnancy in the whole period. The fact is, without a few very clear cut exceptions, a pregnant woman can eat as she did before.

Regular Foods

Regular Foods

The clear cut prohibition on some foods is based on the fact that fetus is susceptible to various diseases. Some of these foods include

  1. Raw milk – Usually milk is a very nutritious and helpful product to drink. Eating raw milk products has always been appreciated. It helps in digestion and ensures better nutritional value for the one who eats them. But unfortunately, raw milk and products of raw milk may contain listeria. This is a very harmful bacteria that can cause miscarriage.

    Raw milk

    Don’t take Raw milk

  2. B) Liver – Some like liver and some do not. Liver is usually good for the health. But it also contains a huge amount of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is known to cause birth defects when consumed in a high amount. Again, Vitamin A is also necessary for the development of the fetus. Carotenoids can be an alternate source of vitamin A.
  3. C) Under-cooked Proteins – Protein is essential for both pregnant and non pregnant women. Protein is necessary for building muscle. Each day, we lose some muscles of our body. To make up with the loss, we need to consume protein on a daily basis. This is more true for pregnant women.
    Our main source of protein is beef, poultry, eggs and fish. Raw meet frequently carries bacteria like salmonella and parasites like toxoplasma. Toxoplasmosis is a very serious parasite for the pregnant women. It does not cause much trouble for the non pregnant women. But in pregnant women, it causes devastating birth defects and even abortion.

    What not to eat during pregnancy (4)

    Semi Under-cooked Proteins

  4. D) Smoked Seafood – Smoked salmon, whitefish, tuna, trout, cod, mackerel etc are often considered as a delicacy. But unfortunately, soil and stream water contains listeria. Listeria is one of the few bacteria that can pass the placental barrier. It can cause miscarriage, infection to the body, preterm delivery and even death. Avoiding these smoked seafoods is advisable during pregnancy.
  5. E) Artificial Sweeteners – Chemicals used in artificial sweeteners have been associated various health hazards. Saccharine is known to increase the chance of cancer. Another chemical used as artificial sweeteners is often said to cause neurological issues. Sucralose can increase the temp of the mother.

    What not to eat during pregnancy (5)

    Unwashed Vegetables

  6. F) Unwashed Vegetables – Vegetables should always be washed thoroughly before eating. Unwashed vegetables are often contaminated with toxoplasma, which can cause miscarriage or stillbirth.
  7. G) Alcohol and caffeine – Alcohol drinking during pregnance is extremely harmful for the fetus. It can cause various birth defects in the fetus and even complications during pregnancy. Caffeine on the other hand is OK if ingested in moderation. But it is also associated with low birth weight, pre term baby etc